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NBC Touts 'Sweeping Gun Control' in Connecticut, National 'Call to Action' to Curb Gun Rights

On Thursday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie heralded that Connecticut had "approved some of the tightest gun control legislation in the country as President Obama is pushing for tougher ...
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Profiles of Pro-Gun, Anti-Gun Advocates in NYTimes: Same Page, But Very Different Treatment

The New York Times teased on the front page two profiles of prominent figures in the gun control debate, "bombastic" conservative David Keene and compassionate liberal New York City Mayor ...

'Pugnacious and Boastful' Gov. Christie Left Education System 'Reeling'

Reporter David Halbfinger relays what unions find "most galling" about the "pugnacious and boastful" Gov. Christie's budget proposals. He displayed far more empathy toward Connecticut's Democratic ...

NJ GOP Gov. Christie 'Blustery and Bellicose', While CT Dem Gov. Works Hard Sparing 'Most Vulnerable'

David Halbfinger gushes over Connecticut's new Democratic governor, in contrast with the "blustery and bellicose" budget-slasher Chris Christie of neighboring New Jersey: "And as he closes a 20 ...

CBS Skips Any Mention of Dem Senate Candidate's Military Scandal, NBC Avoids Party ID

CBS's Early Show on Tuesday completely ignored the front page New York Times story on Democratic senatorial candidate Richard Blumenthal and his claims to have "served in Vietnam," despite having ...

"God, Guns and Gays" Are "Wedge Issues" for Today's GOP

A Connecticut-based reporter highlights an upcoming Gingrich visit in snide fashion: "Newt Gingrich is to address a shrinking Connecticut Republican Party that has sworn off God, guns and gays as ...

Silent Spring for Networks on Recent Same-Sex Marriage Decisions

Nightly news programs fail to cover liberal definitions of marriage.

No "Tea Party" Coverage, But Tiny Leftist "Bus Tour" of AIG Homes Gets Ink

The media outnumbered the protestors in a 'bus tour' protest of the homes of AIG employees in affluent Fairfield, Conn. - yet the Times completely ignored a larger protest against Obama's big ...

Rep. Chris Shays, Conservative? NYT Full of Labeling Slant

And in Colorado, "a drift toward socially conservative orthodoxy" made the Republican party a "tough sell to newcomers."

Barney Frank Opposes Offshore Drilling For Fishing Industry

Connecticut congressman tells CNBC oil exploration would harm integral part of his district's economy, but ignores economic boost drilling provides in Louisiana.
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