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Piers Morgan Asks If Bible Should Be 'Evolutionary,' Like Constitution Being Amended

In a Tuesday interview with comedian Jeff Foxworthy, CNN's Piers Morgan presented the half-baked idea of treating the Bible as "evolutionary" and asked if being Christian "has become almost a ...
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CNN 'Moderator' Finds GOP Eight Times as Dishonest as Democrats?

MRC Study: Anderson Cooper's "Keeping Them Honest" segments have tilted 24 to 3 against Republicans since July, and 45 to 13 in 2011.

Jack Cafferty Gives Credence to Liberal Conspiracy Tying Bachmann, Perry to Radical Christian Movement

Citing a Daily Beast piece linking GOP candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry to a radical Christian strain called "Dominionism," CNN's Jack Cafferty fretted about a possible Christian ...

Roland Martin Dismisses Bachmann-Newsweek Outrage: 'Get Real'

Even liberal comedian John Stewart thought Newsweek went too far with its Michele Bachmann cover page, but CNN analyst Roland Martin sees no story here. Martin is blunt with "angry conservatives, ...
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