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Religion Reporter Spreads False "98%" Figure on Catholic Birth Control, Puts "Religious Freedom" in Scare Quotes

A slanted summary by religion reporter Laurie Goodstein is symbolic of the tone of her coverage of Obama's contraceptive mandate: "The uproar threatens to embroil the Catholic church in a bitter ...
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Obama's Contraception Plan Just a Cynical Wedge Issue Used by GOP?

Reporter Jennifer Steinhauer portrayed the religious freedom fight over birth control in cynical political terms, showcasing Republicans as being opportunistic in opposition to Obama's requirement ...

CNN Quickly Reported Liberal Backlash Against Komen, But Sat on Religious Outrage Over Obama's HHS Mandate

CNN's liberal bias on social issues was blatantly manifested in its coverage of two different stories over the past few weeks - Catholics vs. the Obama administration, and the liberal outrage over ...

ABC's Stephanopoulos Defends Contraception Line of Questioning from Debate

On Wednesday's The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, ABC's George Stephanopoulos defended the question about contraception that he asked Mitt Romney at Saturday's GOP presidential debate hosted by ...

CBS Highlights 'Very Conservative' Santorum's Views on Social Issues

On Friday's CBS Evening News, anchor Scott Pelley tagged Rick Santorum as the "very conservative Pennsylvania Senator" as he introduced a full report on the GOP presidential candidate's views on ...

During NH Debate, ABC's Stephanopoulos Presses Romney on Contraception

During Saturday's Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire host by ABC, co-moderator George Stephanopoulos bizarrely pressed candidate Mitt Romney on whether states should have the ...

Scientific American Proposes Global Warming Solution: Birth Control through Contraception and Safe Abortion

Popular science periodical suggests reducing peak population to roughly 8 billion is the key reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Newsweek Promotes Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill

Op-ed advocates giving teens parent-free access to contraception by removing prescription wall

CBS Tells Parents Teens Should Wait for Sex; Pushes Contraceptives on Teens

Medical correspondent Jennifer Ashton gives parents and teens conflicting advice about sex.

What about the Choice to Say No?

The left attacks pro-life pharmacies -- the free market solution for medical professionals who conscientiously object to contraception.
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