Still Shielding Democrats from Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac Flak

Defending a Democratic senator, the Times makes a clear distinction between banks "investing in risky subprime mortgages" and banks helping "middle- and low-income home buyers." But is there ...

Times Writer Caught Making Up Survey Results To Add Sizzle to Story

A stern Editors' Note admits that a Times writer "distorted the survey's findings to fit his theme, contrary to The Times's standards of integrity."

Finally: Official Correction on Palin-Alaskan Independence Party "Membership"

The Times' front-page mistake from Tuesday is finally officially corrected.

Times Buries Palin-Alaska Independence Party Correction on Page 18

After falsely stating on Tuesday's front page that Sarah Palin was once a member of the Alaska Independence Party, the Times "corrects" the record not on the Correction page but in a box at the ...

Times Apologizes for Calling Democratic Group a Democratic Group

The Times remains sensitive to liberal complaints of unfair labeling, yet tosses around the term "conservative" with abandon.

Times Corrects Headline After Formal White House Complaint

The White House objected to the subhead "White House Role Was Wider Than It Said," since it has yet to make a comment on the matter.

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

Non-journalism junkies need not apply.

Puzzling Correction Priorities at the Times

The Times gets tough: "The editors would not have published the article if they had been aware of these errors." And just what was this grievous offense?

The Times Again Corrects Itself on Kerry's "Botched Joke"

The Times still can't nail down the basic details of what Sen. John Kerry said about U.S. troops being "stuck in Iraq."

Correcting Zernike's Misleading Kerry "Joke" Story

The Times admits its story on Kerry's apology was wrong.
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