Despite Huge Fuel Cost Increases, Networks Criticize Airfare Hikes

Media reports suggest fuel prices are an excuse, show little sympathy for concept of profit.

Uncritical Condition

Network news fails to examine high cost and proven failures of government-run health care

White House Adviser Rahm's Older Brother: 'Heavier People' Bad for Economy

American National Institutes of Health bioethicist claims there hidden costs to 'increasing girth' in NY Times 'Freakonomics' podcast.

CBS: 'Rolex' Swiss Health Care System a 'Model for America'

On Saturday's CBS Evening News, anchor Jeff Glor teased an upcoming story on Switzerland's health care system by wondering: "Could Switzerland's health care be a model for America?" He later ...

Sign Us Up: Trillions to Fight Global Warming 'Relatively Small Fraction' of Total Economic Output

Fighting "global warming" will cost trillions of dollars, but don't worry, John Broder explains, it's "a relatively small fraction of the world's total economic output."

Pumped Up Predictions

Network warnings of ever higher gas and oil prices leave out a key point they are usually wrong

ABC's Raddatz Recoils from True Political Leadership

Reporter is appalled that Cheney refuses to base Iraq strategy on public opinion polls, as network coverage of the war's fifth anniversary emphasizes costs, ignores benefits.

Prescription For Bias

Networks Downplay Drug Costs, Treat Medicine as Entitlement

Prescription For Bias: Executive Summary

Networks Downplay Drug Costs, Treat Medicine as Entitlement

Trade Secrets

Lou Dobbs Tonight Hides Good News Behind Negative View of Free Market
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