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NYT: Calmes Remembers 'Jaw-Dropping Crowds' for Obama 5 Years Ago vs. Mitt's Small, 'Overwhelmingly White' Numbers

Times reporter Jackie Calmes compared the "diversity" of Obama's campaign crowdsderisively against those who come to see Mitt Romney: "About 4,200 people of all ages and colors spread across a ...
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As Pope Draws Crowds in Cuba, NYT Suddenly Remembers Big Crowds Are Product of 'Intimidation,' 'Orchestration' and Coercion

The New York Times coverage of the Pope Benedict XVI's trip to the dictatorship of Cuba has a strange, cheap-shot emphasis on how Cuban crowds are coerced to attend such rallies, an ...

"Hostile," "Angry" Crowds Cheer on McCain-Palin

Does this imply that Obama nation has nothing but lovely feelings for John McCain and Sarah Palin?

Depopulated Protest Marches: Making a Vietnam-Era Mountain Out of a Puny Iraq Molehill

"A rally on Saturday to protest the war in Iraq, which began with a peaceful march of several thousand people to the Capitol, ended with dozens of arrests in a raucous demonstration that evoked ...
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