'Republican Right's First Scalp,' Nets Portray Van Jones as Victim of Conservatives

Instead of focusing on how the Obama administration hired a man who added his name to a petition asserting the Bush administration deliberately allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur, ABC and NBC on ...

'World News' Laments Rising Tuition, Ignores Causes

ABC finds students struggling with higher college costs, but fails to identify reason for tuition inflation.

Apostolic Visitation of American Nuns a 'Grand Jury Indictment' to ABC

How dare the Vatican concern itself with orthodoxy!

ABC Champions 'Liberal Lion' as Inspiration for Obama Heath Care Takeover

Sunday's World News devoted a full story to Ted Kennedy's cause as Dan Harris' tease framed Kennedy's big government agenda in the most-benign light: "In the game. An ailing Ted Kennedy, now ...

Nets Plug Kennedy's 'Dramatic' and 'Emotional Pitch for Health Care Reform'

Newsweek engaged itself deeper in the battle for nationalized health by turning over its cover story - "We're Almost There" - to Senator Ted Kennedy for his recitation of "the cause of my life." ...

'World News' Promotes Anti-Agribusiness Flick

ABC portrays 'Food, Inc.' documentary's claims about contamination as true nature of modern industry farming, cites recent beef recall.

ABC: Abortion Broadcasting Company

'World News Sunday' features a propaganda piece on late-term abortion.

ABC and CBS Lead with Powell v Cheney and Limbaugh, GOP Too Conservative

ABC and CBS, which two weeks ago gave short-shrift to Dick Cheney choosing Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell as the better representative of the Republican Party, both led Sunday night with Powell ...

Networks Lead the Cheer for Obama's Notre Dame Address

On abortion, he talked a good game, and that was enough for reporters.

Media Help Activists in Aggressive Push to Embrace Homosexuality

Outlets act as gay voice on Day of Silence; gloss over LGBT attacks on people who believe differently.
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