CBS: Cyberbully Dan Savage is 'Tireless Advocate' for Bullied Kids

CBS's Erica Hill lauded homosexual activist Dan Savage, the mastermind of an Internet smear campaign against Rick Santorum, as a "tireless advocate" for bullied schoolchildren on Thursday's Early ...

Magazine Cover Story Lauds Notorious Sex Columnist Dan Savage as 'Old-Fashioned' Mr. 'Family Values'

A Times Magazine cover story heralds the explicit sex-advice columnist and gay activist Dan Savage as a "devoted husband" and "proud father," while marking his "great contribution to family ...

CNN, MSNBC Hail Hate Crime Legislation; Ignore Consequences for Free Speech

Will religious teaching about homosexuality be prosecuted as a hate crime?

Olbermann Guest: Beck, Bachmann 'Trying to Get the President Killed'

Columnist Dan Savage blasts 'religious right,' accuses Fox News host and Minnesota congresswoman of 'heating' up rhetoric at 'peril' to country.
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