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Gergen: Obama's 'Most Significant' Foreign Policy Achievement is Climate Change

On Wednesday, David Gergen ranked a supposed foreign policy accomplishment of President Obama higher than the killing of Osama bin Laden during CNN's special coverage of the Democrat's ...
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Another Controversy for the Obama Admin, But CNN Has Barely Reported This One

Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services has come under major scrutiny for bypassing Congress and soliciting donations from health executives to help support ObamaCare, yet CNN has ...
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CNN's Gergen Says Benghazi Will 'Long Be Forgotten' If Clinton Runs In 2016

On Tuesday's Starting Point, CNN's David Gergen smiled on Hillary Clinton's "wonderful farewell" at the State Department and touted her "very powerful position" for a 2016 presidential run. ...
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CNN Analyst Ridicules 'Sledgehammer' GOP Platform on Abortion

CNN keeps playing up the controversy that supposedly is the Republican Party's platform on abortion – even though it resembles the language from the 2004 and 2008 platforms. "The platform has ...
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CNN's Gergen Praises Clinton's 'Leadership' on Gun Control

In lock step with his network's anti-gun push, CNN analyst David Gergen praised Bill Clinton's "guts" for standing up for gun control, on Tuesday's Anderson Cooper 360. "Listen, there was a ...
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CNN's Gergen: GOP Candidates Sound Like 'Four White Guys' Telling Women 'We're Going to Control Your Lives'

CNN analyst David Gergen had some harsh words for the Republican presidential field in his post-debate analysis Wednesday night. He stated that their debate over contraception would leave women ...
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