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NPR Promotes Liberal 'Health Advocates' Hoping for Smoother ObamaCare Enrollment in 2015

NPR's resident ObamaCare shill Julie Rovner did her best to promote the next ObamaCare enrollment period during a segment on Wednesday's Morning Edition. Rovner featured two talking heads from ...
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NPR Hypes Spain's 'Far Right Political Party Similar to the Tea Party'

NPR's Lauren Frayer repeatedly emphasized the conservative ideology of the ruling party of Spain on Thursday's Morning Edition, as she reported on proposed legislation there that would be, in her ...
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NPR's Cokie Roberts: GOP's Debate Ban of CNN, NBC 'A Little Bit Childish'

On Monday's Morning Edition on NPR, Cokie Roberts did little to hide her feelings about the Republican National Committee's recent decision to exclude NBC and CNN from hosting future debates ...
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