David Brooks vs. Paul Krugman, Round 2?

Is columnist David Brooks calling out fellow columnist Paul Krugman, a supporter of more economic "stimulus"? These Demand Siders have very high I.Q.'s, but they seem to be strangers to doubt and ...

Intolerant GOP Watch: Bennett's Loss in Utah a 'Damn Outrage,' Says Disgusted 'Conservative' Columnist Brooks

"This is a damn outrage, a disgusted David Brooks, the faux conservative columnist for the Times, declared on Sunday's Meet the Press reacting to Republican Senator Bob Bennett's loss Saturday at ...

Bennett's Loss in Utah a 'Damn Outrage,' 'Non-Violent Coup,' Part of Larger Intolerant GOP Narrative

"This is a damn outrage," a disgusted David Brooks declared on Sunday's Meet the Press reacting to Republican Senator Bob Bennett's loss at Utah's GOP convention. Brooks fretted he was punished ...

Gail Collins Finds 'Bright Spot' in Massive Gulf Oil Spill

At least one Times columnist has her priorities straight. Gail Collins: "Polls show that the country as a whole has lost a lot of its passion for environmental issues. Maybe the oil spill will ...

Seasons Greetings from the Media: The 'Atrocity' of Palin and Lieberman

What do journalists talk about at holiday parties? Obama's great speeches and the atrocity of Sarah Palin and Joe Lieberman, according to columnist David Brooks.

David Brooks Derides Palin as a 'Joke' and 'Talk Show Host'; Only Ifill Sees Her Appeal

The roundtable members on Sunday's This Week derided or dismissed Sarah Palin, with David Brooks, the putative conservative columnist for the New York Times, declaring "she's a joke" and ...

Networks Barely Report 'Stealth' Push for 'Second Stimulus'

Stories mostly ignore failure of Obama's $787 billion stimulus to halt rising unemployment, continue to give credit for saving or creating jobs.

NBC Slams Limbaugh, Not Pelosi, As Example of 'Extreme' Rhetoric

On Sunday's Meet the Press, New York Times columnist David Brooks slammed Rush Limbaugh as "insane" for comparing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Adolf Hitler, but NBC never let viewers know that ...

Dobbs vs. Kudlow: CNN Host Trashes Rival's Presence at Obama Dinner

'Lou Dobbs Tonight' host bases criticism on old quotes; Dem. Strategist says Kudlow only belonged as the hired help.

David Brooks: A "Conservative" Columnist Acceptable to the Left

The Times' Gail Collins explains why she hired David Brooks as a columnist.
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