ABC's David Wright Spins for Obama With Lefty Health Care 'Fact Check'

On Tuesday's World News, for the second day in a row, ABC delivered a "fact check" on the health care bill, offering up perspectives sympathetic to the sweeping legislation. Confusing opinions for ...

ABC's David Wright Continues Sniping at Palin: Gov Lacks 'Firm Grasp' on Issues

Good Morning America's David Wright on Saturday continued his habit of dropping insulting comments into stories about Sarah Palin, snidely asserting that the Alaska governor lacked "some would ...

ABC Endorses ObamaCare Premise: 'The Need is Obvious'

Hours before ABC's prime time special with President Obama from the White House, a World News piece conveyed the public's doubts that Obama will achieve his goals, but also endorsed Obama's ...

Nets Slam Gun Rights

Following the Valentine's Day shootings at NIU, the network tom-toms pounded out the familiar anti-Second Amendment beat – even taking whacks at Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

ABC News Pimping for Ratings

For insight on Nevada presidential politics, most national journalists might turn to political science profs at UNLV or perhaps some local ink-stained wretches. Not ABC World News Saturday. They ...

ABC Spanks Spanking

World News with Charles Gibson runs a propaganda piece supporting a proposed ban on the tried and true method of parental discipline.
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