Former Reporter: GOP Peddling 'Easy Fairy Tales;' Stimulus 'Saved Millions of Jobs'

Former reporter Firestone on the GOP field: "These candidates are peddling the worst kind of easy fairy tales to those voters who value simplistic prescriptions over hard choices. President Obama ...

Joy Behar Baits Biden to Slam GOP Candidates on The View

In an interview with Vice President Joe Biden, ABC's The View co-host Joy Behar brought up rogue crowd members at a recent GOP debate who booed after a gay soldier asked a controversial question ...

CNN's Cafferty: 'Are Republican Debate Crowds Bloodthirsty?'

CNN's Jack Cafferty smeared entire crowds of people who attended recent GOP debates when he asked on Tuesday if they were "bloodthirsty?"

Gregory Contends 'Awkward' Moments at Debates 'Challenge Notion' GOP is 'Party of Life'

Meet the Press host David Gregory contented the fact a GOP presidential debate audience applauded Rick Perry for allowing the death penalty, and three in an audience of hundreds shouted "yeah" to ...

Character the Most Important Issue in the Presidential Primary Debates: Executive Summary

Reporters threw more softballs to Democrats overall but more hardballs at Democrats on honesty

'Fair' Warning to Palin

Media sharpen the knives for that one error in the vice presidential debate.

Reagan's Rebuke of Carter Missing in Debate Commission's Transcript

Is it an editing error or a dose of political correctness?

Tom Tancredo Too Extreme for Even Tough-Talking GOP - But What About Obama Remarks?

Marc Santora: "Tough is a brand all the Republican candidates want to own as they run for president. Tough on terrorism, tough on crime, tough on Democrats. But Representative Tom Tancredo, ...
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