Long Defense of NYT's Israel Coverage Utterly Fails to Rebut 'Toxic' Critics

It's no shock former Times reporter Neil Lewis would disagree with pro-Israel conservatives who criticize the Times for an anti-Israeli slant. What's odd is how weak his counter-evidence is. Lewis ...

Proof of Rick Perry's Racial Insensitivity: Mentioning Jesse Jackson in an Ad?

Shocking news of Perry's racist past? Not exactly: "An early life in which exposure to diversity was not a common feature....In his early political career, Mr. Perry occasionally offended ...

Two Gov. Perry Stories Feature Texas-Sized Condescension and Hostility

In the Times' official welcome to the campaign profile, Deborah Sontag passes along hostile anti-Perry gossip: "Mr. Perry wrote in his book that his great-great-grandfather was county judge and ...

Are U.S. Hospitals Guilty of "International Patient Dumping"?

The U.S. failure to pay in perpetuity for an illegal immigrant's expensive medical care is the result of "two deeply flawed American systems, immigration and health care."

Troops Committing Domestic Violence? Another Useless Anti-Military Report

The Pentagon as social services agency? "The fatalities examined by The New York Times show a military system that tries and sometimes fails to balance the demands of fighting a war with those of ...

"Killer Vet" Story Worthy but Marred by Bad Numbers, Says Public Editor

Public Editor Clark Hoyt's take on the Times' inflammatory story on murderous veterans: A worthy idea marred by shoddy statistics and the eternal journalistic quest to uncover a trend.

Anger Continues Over the Times' Sleazy Story on Killer Veterans

Outrage over a sleazy Times story on U.S. veterans who come home and kill.

Others Pounce on the Times' Useless Smear of Vets as Criminals

Lack of context makes a story on murders committed by returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan both invidious and journalistically worthless.

Times Slimes U.S. Veterans with Dubious Crime Stats

The Times relies on dubious statistics about U.S. soldiers returning home and committing crimes to link the Vietnam War with Iraq.

"Ad Hominem" Attacks Against a Left-Wing Museum at Ground Zero

Exactly what "ad hominem" attack is reporter Deborah Sontag referring to?
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