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Obama, The Very Worst Deficit President

The networks barely mentioned Obama's latest's not visual, and it would only lead to the conclusion that Obama's dug a huge debt hole. These people can't admit Obama sent a moldy ...
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Calmes Almost Forgets Obama's Deficit Promises, Pushes Political Potency of His Big-Spending Budget Plan

White House reporter Jackie Calmes treated last year's Obama budget proposal as just right in its balance of spending cuts and increases and gave him a pass for putting off tough choices. But ...

CNNMoney Misrepresents Rep. Mike Pence's Opposition to Tax Cut Deal

Senior writer claims tax cut deal is 'costliest stimulus, weakest payoff,' cites Congressman in liberal attack on tax cuts.

ABC and CBS Butt Heads Over GOP 'Pledge to America'

Covering the GOP's "Pledge to America" Thursday night, CBS's Nancy Cordes cast it as pro-Tea Party, "littered with references to the Constitution and promises to reduce the federal debt." But ...

Savannah Guthrie's Soak-the-Rich Obsession: Higher Taxes Only Means of Lowering Deficits

'The Daily Rundown' co-host exhibits pattern of behavior by arguing that not raising taxes is 'deficit spending.'

How Convenient: CBS Asks Pro-Stimulus Economist to Rate the Stimulus

On Thursday's Early Show, CBS invited pro-stimulus economist Mark Zandi to rate the effectiveness of Obama's $862 billion stimulus. "The recession ended about a year ago, in large part because of ...

Leonhardt Tortures Logic to Argue Tea Partiers Aren't Serious About Cutting Spending

Huh? Leonhardt blames Tea Partiers for not being serious about cutting spending: "Just last weekend, Tea Party members helped deny Senator Robert Bennett, the Utah Republican, his party's ...

Another Left-Wing Attack on CNN: Group Demands Network Not Air 'I.O.U.S.A.: Solutions'

Campaign for America's Future concerned cable news channel is 'fanning the flames of deficit hysteria.'

NBC's Guthrie on Deficits: $100 Billion Spending Plan No Big Deal, Blame Bush Instead?

Reporting on Obama's push for another $100 billion in "jobs" spending, NBC's Savannah Guthrie chose not to amplify critics who argue we can't afford more massive spending, and instead saluted the ...
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