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NBC's Mitchell Trumpets 'Political Superstar' Michelle Obama; 'All About Hugs'

Andrea Mitchell gushed over Michelle Obama on Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, labeling her a "political superstar" and "her husband's best campaigner, hardly needing to practice with the Teleprompters ...
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NBC's Guthrie Invites Elizabeth Warren to Label Romney 'Personification' of 'Wall Street Greed and Excess'

In a softball interview with Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie recited Democratic attack lines against Mitt Romney perfectly: ...
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NYTimes Reporter (and Obama Biographer)Jodi Kantor Profiles Unfairly 'Caricatured' Michelle Obama, 'Motherly' Hugger-in-Chief

Obama biographer and Times reporter Jodi Kantor may have been somewhat critical of President Obama, but nothing can be said against the hugging first lady Michelle: "That hug, half motherly ...
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Only ABC Highlights Drunken Democratic Delegate Forced to Leave Convention

Of the three morning shows, only ABC's Good Morning America on Monday highlighted two drunken delegates at the Democratic National Convention, one of whom was forced to leave North Carolina. ...
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NYT's Severson Finds 'Radicals' and 'Conservative Christian' Protesters in Charlotte, But Occupy Movement Isn't Even Liberal

Times' Atlanta bureau Chief Kim Severson visited Charlotte as it prepared for the Democratic National Convention and found "radical evangelical groups" composed of "conservative Christians" as ...
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