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Paul Krugman, Charming and Modest: 'I Have Been Right About Everything.'

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman's blog post Monday could pass for a parody of the columnist's terminal pomposity: "We’re coming up on the second anniversary of my piece "Myths of ...
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Liberal Journalists, Lefty Economists Created Occupy Wall Street Mantra

99 vs. 1 percent theme stems from class warfare messaging of lefties, repeated by media outlets including New York Times, PBS and Vanity Fair.

In Loaded Bachmann Coverage, Stolberg Emphasizes Migraines Linked to 'Depression' and 'Work Loss'

Times leads the way with its Bachmann "migraine" coverage, linking migraines to depression and other electorally damaging ailments: "Migraines are three times more common among women than men, the ...

Newsweek Mocks 'Poor Little CEO's,' Attacks Private Sector

Daniel Gross uses 'blame Bush' rhetoric to denounce business leader jobs summit.

Media Defend Obama's Call for More Spending, Despite G-20 'Rift'

Krugman, ABC and others warn of double-dip recession, 'third depression' if stimulus ends.

Kudlow, Forbes Debunk Krugman's 'Third Depression' Call

CNBC host and Forbes editor argue current policies the Times columnist advocated haven't worked; liberal economist Dean Baker maintains policies weren't enough.

Krugman Says Federal Government Didn't Go Far Enough in Exploiting Financial Crisis

N.Y. Times columnist and Nobel winner laments that administration let a crisis go to waste in not nationalizing more of the economy.

Economists Warn Obamanomics Mistakes Will Worsen Economy; WSJ's Moore Responds

Wall Street Journal editorial board member Stephen Moore says recovery inevitable, but warns Obama economic policy could hurt job growth.

Krugman Garners Newsweek Cover for Left-Wing Criticism of Obamanomics

News magazine fawns over Nobel Prize-winning Times columnist; wonders 'what if he's right?'

NBC Ups the Ante on Economic Woe, Profiles Sacramento 'Shanty Town'

Chris Jansing continues media's Great Depression theme with images of 1930s and today.
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