Networks See Unconstitutional Ruling as 'Setback,' Not 'Victory for Liberty'

Evening and morning shows see 'roadblock' for White House, not freedom for citizens, in federal judge's decision insurance mandate is unconstitutional.

Rates Unchanged, Yet CBS Insists 'Battle Over Tax Cuts' Means 'Cuts for High-Income Earners' and Middle Class

Though under the Obama-congressional GOP compromise income tax rates will remain unchanged for all, CBS anchor Jeff Glor introduced a story by characterizing a "battle over tax cuts" and how ...

Nets Expound on 'Cost' of Maintaining Tax Rates, Stress How 'Tax Break for the Wealthy Increases the Deficit'

Framing the debate through a liberal prism hostile to continuing the current income tax rates, ABC and CBS worried Thursday night about the "cost" of not raising taxes, as if all money belongs to ...

ABC, NBC Relay Cindy McCain's Support for Gays in the Military

On Friday evening, ABC's World News and the NBC Nightly News both informed viewers that Cindy McCain - wife of Senator John McCain - supports repealing the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy on gays in ...

ABC Election Night: Admiring Nancy Pelosi; Claiming GOP Split on Taxes, ObamaCare and Stimulus

Shortly after ABC News projected the GOP House takeover, co-anchors George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer, plus Democratic contributor Donna Brazile, waxed effusive of Nancy Pelosi, the object of ...

ABC's Moran Giddy Over Kagan: 'Ready,' 'Confident,' 'Fluent' and Has 'Some Real Pop on Her Fastball'

ABC's Terry Moran trumpeted new Justice Elena Kagan: "The one word that leapt to my mind was 'ready,'" touting how "she was confident and well prepared and fluent and probing" and, at one moment, ...

ABC Runs White House Produced Pro-ObamaCare Video as "News"

On Thursday's World News, ABC ran as a "news" item an excerpt from a White House-produced video of President Obama taking a phone call from a cancer patient who, Sawyer informed viewers "is now ...

ABC's Diane Sawyer Gets Cozy with Left-Wing Huffington Post

'World News' anchor praises Arianna Huffington's book 'Third World America' and reaches out to the left-wing audience of the Huffington Post.

Watch Out, Republicans: This Is 1964 All Over Again

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