NBC's 'Today' Touts 'Big Setback' for Boehner Plan, Lauer Lobs Softballs to Dick Durbin

At the top of Wednesday's NBC Today, as co-host Ann Curry declared that "Americans are just fed up with the stalemate" over the debt ceiling, fellow co-host Matt Lauer announced: "The latest ...

Networks See Unconstitutional Ruling as 'Setback,' Not 'Victory for Liberty'

Evening and morning shows see 'roadblock' for White House, not freedom for citizens, in federal judge's decision insurance mandate is unconstitutional.

CBS's Smith: Do ObamaCare Opponents 'Have A Legal Leg to Stand On?'

On Tuesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith seemed skeptical of the legal reasoning of a federal judge who ruled part of ObamaCare was unconstitutional: "The thing that he objects to most ...

Doomsday Seed Trip Emits 24,300+ lb. Carbon Footprint

Bipartisan delegation creates more carbon in one 'global warming' trip than average person generates annually.

NBC's Vieira Taunts Republican DeMint: 'Is It Now Your Party's Waterloo?'

At first glance it appeared Today viewers were in for a balanced segment with NBC's Meredith Vieira interviewing both Republican Senator Jim DeMint and Democratic Senator Dick Durbin about the ...

FBI Sowing 'Anger and Fear' Among Muslims

The Times also ignores history in defending the Muslim "civil rights organization" the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

All's Fair with the Left

Media ignore how unfair liberal plans really are.

Senate Majority Whip Blames Greenspan for Economic Crisis

Sen. Durbin claims former Fed chief's support of Bush tax cuts and unwillingness to use regulatory authority are causes of troubled economy.
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