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Media Support Muslim Cleric’s Soda Discrimination Claim; Ignore Radical Ties

Media quick to report alleged discrimination, reluctant to give full story.
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Networks Barely Notice White House War on Women’s Pay

After puffing up Obama as equal pay champion, roughly 95 percent of stories on pay disparity mentioning Obama ignore White House wage gap.
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Abramson Firing: Did NYTimes Forget To Read Its 90 pieces On Equal Pay?

Journalism’s Gray Lady under scrutiny for dismissal of executive editor.
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Gay Rights Movement Threatens Businesses

Venues, bakers and florists on receiving end of hate, harassment and lawsuits for holding to religious convictions; networks say little.

NBC's Harry Smith Laments to Muslim Comic: 'A Lot of Americans Hate You'

On Monday's NBC Rock Center, correspondent Harry Smith began a story on an American-Muslim comedy troupe touring the American south by asserting to comedian Dean Obeidallah that, "A lot of ...

NBC's Lauer Blames Continuing High Unemployment on Employer 'Discrimination'

On Wednesday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer teased an upcoming segment on unemployment by fretting: "And just ahead, help not wanted. If you're one of the 14 million Americans looking for work, ...

ABC: Supreme Court Decision Gives Wal-Mart Ability to 'Crush' Women 'One at a Time'

'World News' slants report against retailer with voices 4-to-1 against court ruling in class-action gender discrimination lawsuit.

CBS Uses American Muslim Family to Frame Hearings on Radical Islam as Discriminatory

On Thursday's CBS Evening News, following a report that portrayed congressional hearings on radical Islam as bigoted political theater, correspondent Seth Doane profiled a Muslim family in ...

Laurie Goodstein Translates Mosque Opposition Into Anti-Islamic Bigotry, Hate Crimes

Religion reporter Laurie Goodstein is not taking public opposition to the Ground Zero mosque very well, labeling it straight-up red state bigotry: "[Muslims] said they were scared not as much for ...

Times Fronts Allegations of NYPD Discrimination from Unlabeled Hard-Left CCR

The Times runs a front page story alleging racial discrimination by the NYPD with research solely from an unlabeled hard-left Center for Constitutional Rights, who represents defendants at ...
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