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Pelosi Spearheads $1B Project That Helps Supporter Tom Steyer, Networks Ignore

Transportation project raises property value of land owned by Steyer’s hedge fund.

Wall St.'s Candidate? Times Says Romney, But WP Says Obama Still Rules the Street

NYTimes: "Mitt Romney has raised far more money than Mr. Obama this year from the firms that have been among Wall Street's top sources of donations for the two candidates." But "Those figures do ...

WaPo's Ezra Klein: More Charitable to Give to Policy Think Tanks than Food Banks

Columnist attempts to 'politicize' charity, suggesting government can do more good than traditional charities.

Rick Sanchez: CNN is 'Middle'; Fox News 'Way, Way, Way to the Right'

On Wednesday's Rick's List, CNN's Rick Sanchez returned to his obsession with Fox News, stating that the network "obviously tends to lean way, way, way to the right." He did acknowledge this his ...

Nagourney May Have Jumped the Gun on RNC's 'Lagging Fundraising'

On the morning the RNC announced impressive donation figures for the month of March, chief political reporter Adam Nagourney goes after beleagured RNC chairman Michael Steele for, among other ...

D'oh! Streisand Says 'Elections Should be Won -- Not Bought' But Has Given Over $600k to Political Causes

Actress/Entertainer expresses fear corporations will price people out of campaign financing and lock out 'women and candidates of diverse background.'

No Surprise: Liberal Supreme Court Reporter Linda Greenhouse Donated to Obama Campaign

Retired Times reporter Greenhouse admits donating to the Obama campaign and frets about the prospect of "seeing democracy auctioned off to the highest bidder."

NYT Admits to Spiking Story Alleging Illegal Obama-ACORN Connection

Public Editor Clark Hoyt calls the charge "nonsense," yet his Sunday article confirms it.

Times Finally Smells Something Fishy on Obama's Dubious Donor List

Three days after snidely dismissing the issue, the Times backtracks and finds some questionable Obama donations.

"Ethics" Meltdown at the Times

Times "ethics" columnist Randy Cohen explains what rules should be obeyed while ignoring those that conflict with his libearl worldview.
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