Times Reviews Joe McGinniss's Anti-Palin Hatchet Job, Ignores Books by Conservatives

"The Rogue," Joe McGinniss's hatchet-job expose of Sarah Palin, is crammed with unverified anecdotes delivered by anonymous foes of Palin but was nonetheless favored with recognition in the Times ...

In CNN Special, Soledad O'Brien Slants Towards Muslims, Omits Woman's Connection to Mosque

CNN's Soledad O'Brien's Sunday documentary about the controversial mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee predictably leaned towards the local Muslims who want it built. O'Brien brushed aside an ...

U.S. Ready for $3.57 Gas, But Under Bush $2.55 Was 'Recession Predictor?'

Higher gas prices? No worries. In 2011, with gas at $3.57 a gallon, "the American economy may be better prepared for higher fuel costs....economists say the spike is unlikely to derail the rebound ...

You Read It Here First: Coverage of MRC's Expose of Wisconsin Coverage Double Standard

FNC's Special Report, nationally-syndicated radio host Mark Levin, and columnist Bernard Goldberg all picked up on Tuesday's Media Reality Check documenting the media's ...

Wisconsin Unions vs. The Tea Party: A Classic Double Standard

ABC, CBS and NBC Repeatedly Denounced "Incivility" from the Tea Party, but Not a Peep About Nasty Signs from Union Protesters

NYT Celebrates Hypothetical Success of Far-Left Nation Mag, Lamented National Review 'Nastiness' After 2008 Election

Jeremy Peters celebrates success at the far-left Nation that has yet to occur: "Despite all the gloom, could last week's Democratic pummeling actually have a silver lining for The Nation, once ...

In the Two Weeks Before Horrible Election Day for Democrats, NYT's 'Caucus' Tilted 3-1 Toward the Losing Party

The Times ran 52 political briefs in its "Caucus" section over the last two weeks of the campaign, a horrible one for Democrats. Yet only six of those 52 stories were pro-Republican, while 19 ...

Media Blackout of Supreme Court "Battle"

MRC Analysis: ABC, CBS and NBC Virtually Ignore Kagan Controversies; No Soundbites from Conservative Groups

On Networks, 'Controversial' Law Means Conservative Law

ABC, CBS, NBC label conservative laws controversial 30 times more than liberal laws; Arizona immigration policy most-criticized in five years
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