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CBS: Law on Drug Abuse While Pregnant Limits 'What Women Can' Do With Their Bodies?

The journalists at CBS This Morning on Thursday skeptically examined a new law in Tennessee that allows criminal charges for pregnant women who abuse drugs. Co-anchor Norah O'Donnell warned, ...
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MSNBC's Hayes Impressed by Rand Paul Talking to Left on Illegal Drugs

On Monday's All In show, after going through a number of Rand Paul soundbites which he viewed as reflecting poorly on the Republican Senator, host Chris Hayes was impressed by Senator Paul taking ...
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New CNN Host 'Uncomfortable' With U.S. Gun Culture, Thinks Bloomberg's a 'Right-Winger'

New late-night CNN host George Stroumboulopoulos is "uncomfortable" with U.S. gun culture, feels the Toronto Mayor's alleged use of a gay slur was worse than if he had a crack addiction, and ...
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Media Consistently $30 Million Short on Soros Drug Funding

George Soros is up to his old tricks again. The "sugar daddy of the legalization movement," as conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer described him, has given more than $31,394,572 to the Drug ...

To the Rescue! 'Obama Tries to Speed Response To Shortages in Vital Medicines'

"...Mr. Obama's order and others he has issued recently reflect his belief in the power of government to improve people's lives. By contrast, top Republican legislators and presidential candidates ...

Hollywood's Current 'Romantic Comedies' Heavy on Hook Ups, Light on Romance

Several trashy, R-rated romantic comedies this year prove once again that Tinseltown is Casual Sex Central.

20-to-1: Networks Go Crazy over Sheen Story, Downplay Planned Parenthood Scandal

ABC, NBC, CBS report every sordid detail about troubled actor, ignore complaints against abortion provider.

Times Suddenly Discovers Caution When It Comes to Blaming Drugs for Loughner's Rampage

The Times suddenly hedges its journalistic rush to judgment on what caused the Tucscon shootings: "No one has suggested that his use of a hallucinogenic herb or any other drugs contributed to ...

CBS's Greenberg Blames America for Mexican Drug Cartels, Claims All Guns Come from U.S.

On Friday's CBS Evening News, travel editor Peter Greenberg filed a report which blamed the U.S. for drug cartels in Mexico, and, even though the overwhelming majority of guns seized from Mexican ...

Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll … and More Sex

Songs on the top charts are full of references to sex, alcohol, drugs, and profanity.
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