'Obscure Texts By Long-Dead Writers'...Like Nobel-Prize Winning Economist Friedrich Hayek?

Tea Party reporter Kate Zernike on the Tea Party canon, including Friedrich Hayek, a Nobel Prize Winner in Economics in 1974 who died in 1992: "But when it comes to ideology, it has reached back ...

More Flimflammery from Pompous Paul Krugman: No 'Ad Hominem' Attacks Here!

Krugman has an announcement for his credulous Times readers: Constantly (and embarrassingly) calling a serious conservative politician a "flimflam" man is not an ad hominem attack; accurately ...

Zing! Paul Krugman Says Rep. Paul Ryan's 'Drenched in Flimflam Sauce' - But Own Source Disputes Him

The economist turned left-wing talking points parrot shows his way with an incisive insult by mocking conservative Republican budget-whiz Rep. Paul Ryan as a "flimflam man" whose work is "drenched ...

The U.S. Needs Milton Friedman More than Ever

Famous economist who offered innovative economic ideas based on free enterprise and liberty would have turned 98 this week.

Edmund Andrews on Wall Street Crisis: 'There Really Were a Lot of Crooks Out There'

Recent Times financial reporter Edmund Andrews, who posed as a victim of the mortgage crisis in a book, claims the wanton recklessness on Wall Street that nearly wrecked the economy has exposed ...

Main Economics Writer Says High Taxes Are Necessary for Modern Society

High taxes are a societal imperative, says the Times' economics conscience, David Leonhardt: "And taxes are supposed to rise as a country grows richer."

Obama's Crew Has "Basically Succeeded" in Turning Economy Around

David Leonhardt uses a small decline in the unemployment rate to shout about the massive government intervention and "stimulus" package: "What if in the end they got it right?"

Experts Put the Con in E-con-omics

Downturn? Upturn? Journalists, politicians and economists are predictably wrong.

What's Missing from Edmund Andrews' Mortgage Tale

The economics reporter writes vividly about his descent into mortgage hell, blaming bankers and mortgage brokers as well as himself. But a journalist for the Atlantic finds that Andrews' story ...

Economics Reporter Pleased With Discrediting of Capitalism

Marxist-influenced economics reporter Peter Goodman describes China as home "to 13 billion fingers waiting to be licked in the thrall of KFC chicken."
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