CNN Host Asks How Any Nevada Voter Can 'Connect' With Romney - Though Poll Shows Him Ahead by 20 Points

While Mitt Romney is polling strong in Nevada ' as her own network had reported ' CNN's Ashleigh Banfield still questioned how anyone in the state could "connect" with him over his laissez-faire ...

Soledad O'Brien Falsely Labels Bush as 'Food Stamp President'

On Tuesday, for the second time in two weeks, CNN's Soledad O'Brien insisted that President Bush, not President Obama, is the "food stamp president," even though data show her argument is ridiculous.

NBC's Brokaw: California's 'Aging Lion' Jerry Brown 'Has Not Given Up On Big Dreams'

In what amounted to a love letter to California's Democratic Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday's NBC Nightly News, special correspondent Tom Brokaw gushed: "It's not sunshine every day for the ...
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Defaults? Depend on it.

More regulation, fewer jobs and less money mean more defaults, large and small.

NBC's Todd Desperately Tries to Spin 30% Seeing Country on Right Track as Good News

In a vain attempt to justify President Obama's claim that "America is back," on Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd excitedly announced to viewers: "In our new ...
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Number One Priority? Obama's Actually Had 12 of Those Since Taking Office

Networks repeatedly report on president's claim, but never call him on conflicting rhetoric.

Job Figures Give Obama 'Head of Steam,' Says Reporter Who Once Saw Good Side of Job Loss

Shaila Dewan sees a "head of steam" for Obama in the latest 8.5% unemployment figure, enough "to cheer President Obama as he enters an election year." Does this mean Dewan will no longer ask, as ...

Tom Brokaw Warns 'Income Inequality' Could Lead to 'Class War'

Appearing as a guest on Wednesday's Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, as he discussed the Occupy Wall Street protests, former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw warned that a "class war" could develop unless ...

CNN Promotes Liberal Analysis of Gingrich Tax Plan as 'Non-Partisan'

CNN touted a study from the liberal Tax Policy Center claiming that Newt Gingrich's tax plan would increase the deficit. On Tuesday afternoon's The Situation Room, business correspondent Poppy ...

Times Tanks Ireland's 'Austerity'-Based Recovery: It 'Looks to be Short-lived'

No room for optimism for reporter Liz Alderman in Ireland: "But the effects of austerity have pummeled Ireland's fragile economy, leaving scars that are likely to take years to heal. Nearly 40,000 ...
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