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CNN Urges Obama: Just Force Congress to Stay Until Sequester Deal Is Struck

CNN's White House correspondent Jessica Yellin asked President Obama on Friday why he couldn't just force Congress to stick around until a deal is reached to prevent the sequester cuts. "To your ...
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CNN's Velshi Attacks Bobby Jindal, GOP 'Weird Math' and 'Balanced Budget Nonsense'

Responding to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) on Monday, CNN's chief business correspondent slammed GOP "weird math" and "balanced budget nonsense" on the sequestration. "And it's this ...
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CNN Relays Government Hysteria Over 'Massive' Sequester Cuts

After hyping the "draconian" sequester cuts set to take place March 1, CNN kept up its frenzy on Tuesday afternoon by spreading government hysteria over the $85 billion spending reduction. ...
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HuffPo: Workers “Really Deserve” a $21.72 Minimum Wage

President Obama’s call for an increase to $9-an-hour not enough for left-wing website.
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CBS Hypes Economic Optimism, Ignores Conflicting Reports

Newspaper headline roundup selectively cites positive economic opinion.
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Networks: iPhone 5 Will Boost GDP; Don’t Note When They Are Wrong

New Apple product didn’t help economy .5 percent as predicted.
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New York Times Downplays Bad Economic News, Knocks 'Austerity Efforts'

The economy shrank in the fourth quarter of 2012, and the woes made the New York Times front page, but was not prominently featured (the Washington Post led with the bad news). Though one might ...
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Economic Growth Turns Negative, CBS Only Network to Admit Rate

NBC ignores GDP, while ABC dances around the ‘speed bump’ with positive report; print downplays drop.
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ABC Touts Housing ‘Comeback’ on Day of Confidence Drop

Tax hike makes consumer confidence plummet, evening news shows silent.
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