Ed Schultz Tangles With a Guest More Liberal Than Him, Spins Obama as 'on the Footsteps of Greatness'

MSNBC's Ed Schultz is so pro-Barack Obama that he wasn't the most liberal person on his Monday program. The Ed Show host hyperbolically praised the President as "on the footsteps of greatness" and ...

MSNBC's Ed Schultz "Wins" Quote of the Year for Worst Liberal Bias of 2010

DisHonors also go to Newsweek's Evan Thomas, Keith Olbermann and PBS' Tavis Smiley. The Meathead, too.

MSNBC: Rep. Cohen Compares Mike Pence to Goebbels, No Challenge From Ed Schultz

On MSNBC's Ed Show on Thursday, despite initially regretting his comparison of Republicans to Nazis, Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen later doubled down: "[Indiana Congressman] Mike Pence talked ...

Bozell Condemns Death Wishes Against Conservatives from Liberals in the Media

"Their attacks on conservatives are untrue and utterly hypocritical"

MSNBC Screamer Ed Schultz Decries Fox News as Inflammatory

On Monday's show, MSNBC shouter Ed Schultz pointed his finger (literally) at Fox News for supposedly inciting its audience to "think that doing something radical is the right thing to do," but ...

MSNBC's Schultz Touts Grayson as Model for Democrats to Imitate, 'I Love' Taliban Ad

On the September 23, The Ed Show, MSNBC's Ed Schultz touted inflammatory Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson as an example other Democrats should follow, and, on his radio show Monday, Schultz ...

Ed Schultz: Obama's School Speech Should Be Mandatory for All Students

At certain schools across the country, parents possessed the authority to pull their children from class on Tuesday so as not to witness President Obama's address to students nationwide ' ...
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The Real Radio Hatemongers

Left-Wing Radio Hosts' Track Record of Vile and Vicious Rhetoric

The Ed Schultz Fallacy: Ending Bush Tax Cuts Won't Hurt Economy

MSNBC talking head believes we can tax our way to economic prosperity.
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