Schultz, Huffington: Obama Should Use Kennedy Death to Promote Left-Wing Politics

Liberal MSNBC host and HuffPo founder argue less than a day after senator's death to use it as a 'rallying cry for progressives.'

Personal Smears Against Rush

So much for liberal compassion and civility: left-wing talk show hosts are unleashing the crudest ad hominem attacks at Rush Limbaugh. Where are the televised scowls at these outbursts of "hate ...

Question Whether CO2 is a Pollutant and MSNBC's Schultz Calls it 'Psycho Talk'

Left-wing radio and TV host assails Rep. Joe Barton for pointing out a flaw in EPA's regulation of carbon dioxide as a pollutant.

Schultz Blames Spending Provisions Stripped from Stimulus for Swine Flu

Claims 'conservative' senators holding up health secretary nomination and rejection of $870 million in stimulus bill are cause for outbreak.

MSNBC Pro-Union Host Ed Schultz Received $22K from Labor in 2008

New TV talking head took money in 2008 from steelworker, air traffic controller and plumber unions for speaking, public relations fees.

Can MSNBC Get More Liberal? Yes, They Can!

Reports: MSNBC Poised to Add Mean-Spirited Radio Lib, Further Embarrassing Parent Network NBC.

Reporter Says McCain Trying to Live Down "Warmonger" Reputation

Julie Bosman on McCain's first general election ad: "If Mr. McCain has developed a reputation as a warmonger..."
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