Clift's 9/11 Regret: It Sparked Our 'Obsessive Focus' on Terrorism

Of all the major regrets she could have about 9/11, Newsweek's Eleanor Clift whined that the attacks on that tragic day sparked this nation's "Obsessive focus on terrorism." As part of a panel ...

Clift Slapped Down By Tim Carney: Obama Will Talk to Eva Longoria But Not Arizona Gov. Brewer

On this weekend's McLaughlin Group Newsweek's Eleanor Clift used the occasion of Barack Obama's immigration speech to opine that Hispanics "know which side, which party is on their side" and ...

Newsweek's Clift: U.S. Won't Face Greek Debt Tragedy 'Because We Can Print Money'

'McLaughlin Group' panel, excluding Clift, all warn that U.S. debt a problem to be concerned with.

Newsweek's Clift Mocks GOP Women's Pro-Life Views as 'So Yesterday'

Newsweek's Eleanor Clift, on this weekend's syndicated The McLaughlin Group, slighted conservative pro-life women everywhere when she applied California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina's ...

Newsweek's Clift: 'I Heard Nothing But Rave Reviews' for Obama's Apology Speech

Newsweek's Eleanor Clift seemed flabbergasted on this weekend's McLaughlin Group as fellow panelists Pat Buchanan, Monica Crowley and Mort Zuckerman criticized President Obama's speech to Muslims. ...

Newsweek's Clift Blames Capitalism for Woes Facing Obama

Columnist gives new president high marks in first 100 days and attacks GOP for blaming the failure of government.

Savaging Sarah Palin

The media are trying to define the GOP vice presidential nominee before the public gets to know the real person.
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