Two Times Columnists Want Obama in There Early

Gail Collins favors a Bush-Cheney resignation and an interim President Pelosi, while Tom Friedman wants to move Inauguration Day up to Thanksgiving.

Obama Leads Chicago Renaissance

Jeff Zeleny promotes how lucky Chicago is to host President-Elect Obama: "Yet this moment of renaissance for Chicago is about much more than architecture and athletics. For the first time in the ...

Labeling Overload in Miami

Michael Cooper overdoses on "conservative" labels in a snide report from the Republican Governors Association meeting in Miami

Obama's Tax Ad Distorts Heritage Foundation Analysis

Conservative organization insists Democrat's campaign pull misleading TV spot meant as 'intentional attempt to mislead and misinform voters.'

Media Downplay Any Talk of 'Socialism'

Obama's old radio comments make discussion a key election issue, if journalists will actually ask the questions.

Notable Quotables - 10/06/2008

CNN, Time Give Traction to Obama's Tire Exaggeration

Journalists use stretched data and low oil estimates in defense of Democratic presidential candidate's air pressure substitute for drilling.

Newsweek: Anti-Drilling Obama 'More in Touch with Voters' on Energy

Fineman cites poll findings: Obama ahead of McCain by 14 percent on 'energy,' but other polls show a majority of Americans favor drilling offshore and in ANWR.

ElectionWatch: NBC on McCain's Proposed Tax Cuts: It 'Doesn't Add Up'

'Nightly News' finds everything wrong with the presumptive GOP nominee's economic plan and nothing right.

Howard Dean Doesn't See a Dem Mandate, But Times Reporter Does

Political reporter Adam Nagourney manages to get to the left of Howard Dean.
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