MSNBC's Brewer Promotes Electric Car Charging Stations as Parent Company GE Sells Them

Displaying a clear conflict of interest during Friday's 12PM ET hour on MSNBC, anchor Contessa Brewer did a story promoting electric car charging stations but did not disclose to viewers that the ...

Surprise: AP Notes 'Chicken and Egg Problem' With Electric Cars

Report cites lack of public chargers as potential problem in electric car production, touts government grants on the way.

Tabuchi Scolds Toyota As It 'Holds Back' on Electric Cars

Hiroko Tabuchi devotes a Business Day article to scold Toyota for not becoming green enough fast enough.

Dear Baltimore Sun: Nationalizing Auto Industry Means Sacrificing Others

It is impossible to know if the future benefits of electric cars are worth what could be lost by subsidizing them.
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