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Barbara Walters Spins Spitzer Scandal: Prostitution Is 'in the Realm of Normalcy'

According to Barbara Walters on Tuesday, prostitution is "sort of in the realm of normalcy." The View co-host and longtime ABC journalist was attempting to differentiate Eliot Spitzer's call girl ...
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CNN Tries to Rehabilitate Scandal-Tainted Eliot Spitzer (Again)

Eliot Spitzer, the former scandal-plagued Democratic New York governor, enjoyed a nice promotion from CNN's Piers Morgan as he runs for New York City comptroller. Morgan largely avoided ...
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Nothing to See Here: CNN Largely Omits Tainted Eliot Spitzer Was Once Its Prime-Time Host

CNN mentioned Eliot Spitzer's prostitution scandal in every single report on his comeback bid in politics on Monday and Tuesday, but the network hid that he was recently a CNN prime-time host ...
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ABC Again Touts Eliot Spitzer: 'Infamy Might Work to His Advantage'

For the second day in a row, the journalists at Good Morning America failed to identify prostitution patron Eliot Spitzer as a Democrat. Yet, in a story on the politician's comeback, reporter ...
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MSNBC's Smerconish to Spitzer: Was Your Resignation 'Unwarranted?' 'End' of Sex Scandal?

Hardball guest host Michael Smerconish on Monday was so gentle with reformed prostitution patron Eliot Spitzer that even the former governor seemed uncomfortable. Talking about Spitzer's new run ...
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CBS Omits Spitzer's Political Opponent Allegedly Provided Him With Prostitutes

Monday's CBS This Morning twice mentioned Kristin Davis, one of Eliot Spitzer's electoral opponents, during an interview of the disgraced former New York governor, but failed to mention that she ...
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ABC Skips Democratic Label of Prostitution Enthusiast Eliot Spitzer

The journalists at Good Morning America on Monday offered an assist to liberal politicians trying to avoid being associated with the scandal-plagued former Governor of New York. While ...

CNBC's Cramer: New York AG Cuomo a 'Communist'

'Mad Money' host complains liberal, pro-regulatory attorney general destroying the lending market.
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