Bumiller Czechs Up on Old John McCain "Gaffe," Raises Age Issue

Bumiller raises the age issue and recycles her own old attacks on McCain: "Mr. McCain has made a number of verbal gaffes in recent months, including referring three times to Czechoslovakia, a ...

Nancy Pelosi Schmoozes With NYT Reporter, Who Asks About Impeaching Bush

Reporter Elisabeth Bumiller poses sympathetic questions to the House Speaker at a public interview, and Pelosi brings up the Fairness Doctrine: "[Right-wingers] saw an opportunity, came out of the ...

Elisabeth Bumiller, Queen of the "Neo-Conservative" Label

Bumiller puts John McCain on the defensive in a foreign policy clash of wills, with "pragmatists" and realists on one side and "conservatives" and "neoconservatives" on the other.

"Grumpy," Gaffe-Prone McCain vs. Obama's "Tone Poems" in Berlin

"On Thursday evening in a glittering Berlin, cheered by as many as 200,000 people, Mr. Obama delivered a tone poem to American and European ideals and shared history. In contrast, just before he ...

McCain's "Sometimes Hapless" Efforts to Showcase His Foreign Policy Cred

"Mr. McCain also displayed the bumpy and sometimes hapless nature of his own effort to prove that he is the candidate with the sterling foreign policy credentials."

Times Snipes at CEO Carly Fiorina, "Take-No-Prisoners" Surrogate for McCain

McCain-hostile reporter Elisabeth Bumiller passes on gripes from a nameless "number of Republicans" who wonder what the "street bully" former CEO of Hewlett Packard is doing on the campaign bus.

John McCain, Candidate of Privilege?

"John S. McCain III, United States Naval Academy '58, the son and grandson of admirals and the husband of one of the richer women in Arizona, chases after the conservative, anti-elite religious ...

Times Whines McCain Won't Let It In to Campaign Event

By "tightly controlled group of reporters," the Times means "not us." And did the Times threaten the McCain campaign with negative coverage if it wasn't allowed in to see McCain's medical records?

John McCain "Awkward" in N.O. About His "More Privileged Past"

Elisabeth Bumiller characterized McCain's tour of the Ninth Ward of New Orleans in starkly cynical terms: "Mr. McCain, who was on the fourth day of a tour of America's 'forgotten places' to try to ...

Times Harps on McCain's "Embarrassing Mistake" on Al Qaeda

The paper won't let go of McCain's brief slip during Tuesday's questioning of Gen. David Petraeus when he described Al Qaeda as Shiite, and immediately corrected himself.
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