Washington Post Front Page Gushes: 'A Letter to Obama, and a Life Touched in Return'

The Washington Post rendered itself indistinguishable from the White House publicity effort on Wednesday. At top center of its front page was an article by reporter Eli Saslow - the man who hailed ...

Washington Post Ties Iowa Protester to Violence, Even Though He Wasn't

Eli Saslow follows health care protester, links tea party and conservative protests to violence.

FNC's Baier Corrects Washington Post's Claim Obama 'Rare' Product of Middle Class

File under: you read it here first. "The Washington Post ignored a few historical facts when it proclaimed in a front page article Wednesday that President Obama is quote, 'a rare President who ...

Obama's a 'Rare' Middle-Class President, Claims Washington Post's Saslow

Washington Post reporter Eli Saslow befuddled readers on Wednesday by claiming Barack Obama "is a rare president who comes from the middle class." Did the Post forget the humble origins of ...
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