Hard-Left PBS Vet Bill Moyers Returns, to Fulsome Praise from the Times

Reporter Elizabeth Jensen's fulsome tribute to lefty public TV sage Bill Moyers: "...much will carry over from the old program, including Mr. Moyers's thoughtful interviews with thinkers who ...

NY Times Profiles New NPR CEO With Only Lefties, Skips Over Soros and Video Stings

From inside the NPR tank, Elizabeth Jensen reported on new National Public Radio chief executive Gary Knell without devoting one word to conservative NPR critics in a piece loaded with ...

Fareed Zakaria: 'Centrist Voice' and 'Spokesman for a Post-American World'?

From the insular liberal media world, David Carr reported that the "centrist voice" of Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria was jumping to Time magazine - even as Zakaria feistily returned a prize to the ...

The Times Salutes Bill Moyers, Hard-Left 'Lion of PBS,' Finds Few Critics

The paper's usual labeling imbalance was on display in how it treated left-wing vs right-wing critics of PBS.
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