CBS Tags Pro-Life Moderate GOPer 'Conservative,' No Label for Dem

The absurd media double standard in labeling Republicans as conservative while omitting the liberal label for Democrats was on display again Wednesday on the CBS Evening News.

CBS Highlights Complaints About Voter ID Law in South Carolina

Monday's CBS Evening News ran a report bolstering complaints by Democrats that the new voter ID law in South Carolina would make it more difficult for minorities to vote.

CBS Highlights 'Very Conservative' Santorum's Views on Social Issues

On Friday's CBS Evening News, anchor Scott Pelley tagged Rick Santorum as the "very conservative Pennsylvania Senator" as he introduced a full report on the GOP presidential candidate's views on ...

CBS Hypes 'Second Thoughts' About Alabama Law on Illegal Immigration

Wednesday's CBS Evening News featured a report by correspondent Mark Strassmann playing up the reservations that some are having about the new law to strictly enforce immigration laws in Alabama.

CBS Forwards Reid's 'Lecture' of GOP and His Hope They 'Learned a Lesson'

On Friday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Sharyl Attkisson included a clip of Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid directing a "lecture" at and blaming House Republicans for delaying the payroll ...

NBC, ABC Knock GOP for 'Messing Up' Payroll Tax Cut: 'Holiday Cheer Gone Sour'

NBC and ABC on Monday and Tuesday knocked House Republicans for potentially "messing up" an extension of the payroll tax cut. NBC's Kelly O'Donnell derided this as "holiday cheer gone sour."

ABC and CBS Skip Label of Jon Corzine as Democrat

As the three broadcast network evening newscasts on Thursday reported former New Jersey Democratic Senator Jon Corzine's testimony before Congress on the billion dollars in investor money that ...

NBC and CBS Frame 'Morning-After' Pill Decision as 'Politics' vs. 'Science'

At the top of Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams fretted: "The Obama administration blocks a plan to make the 'morning-after' pill more easily available to young girls. Is this ...

CBS Highlights 'Agonizing' Plight of Illegal Immigrants in Alabama

On Wednesday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Chip Reid filed a report which took a sympathetic look at a family of illegal immigrants in Alabama who fear enforcement of the state's new law ...

Networks Ignore Calls for Kagan's Recusal as Supreme Court Takes on ObamaCare Case

While NBC, ABC, and CBS all reported on the Supreme Court's decision Monday to rule on the constitutionality of ObamaCare, none of the coverage made any mention of calls for liberal Justice Elena ...
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