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People’s Climate March Gets 4.5 Times as Much Network Attention as March for Life

Broadcast networks also ignore radical anti-capitalists, socialist backers and calls for ‘revolution’ at climate march.
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HuffPo Live Celebrates OWS on Two-Year Anniversary

Interviews reveal occupiers’ extremism that was often ignored by news media.

'The New Extremism' of the Republican Party...Just Like the Old Extremism

The Republican Party is fully engaged in a fight "to liberate business and the rich from the inconveniences of oversight and taxes. At first it seemed that only a few freshmen and noisy followers ...

Speak No Evil: Networks Obscure Deadly Extremism of Muslim Brotherhood

Contradictory reports hide substance of powerful Egyptian Islamist group.

Carl Hulse on GOP Candidates With 'a Very Conservative if Not Extreme Agenda'

Congressional reporter Carl Hulse has some chuckles at the expense of "extreme" Republican candidates: I thought what [the Times pollster] said was interesting about voters being willing to vote ...

Krugman's Gratified Media Finally Recognizing Republican Extremism

Columnist Krugman sees a welcome change: "News organizations have taken notice: suddenly, the takeover of the Republican Party by right-wing extremists has become a story."

Columnist Kathleen Parker on CBS: Tea Parties 'Dangerous;' Internet Journalism 'Like Terrorism'

On Sunday's Face the Nation on CBS, host Bob Schieffer asked columnist Kathleen Parker about her views on the tea party: "the rhetoric that's coming out from the right side, especially from the ...
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