(Almost) Nothing's Sacred

It's not just Christmas that Hollywood likes to mock. It's every traditional value. But that doesn't mean Hollywood doesn't have its own rigid speech code.

Salon Writer Wants More Abortion on TV

Liberal web magazine calls lack of abortion of TV 'insane,' defends controversial 'Family Guy' abortion episode

Family Guy's 'Down Syndrome Girl' Song Gets Emmy Nod

Controversial musical number mocked people with disabilities.

'Family Guy' Creator: Palin's Down Syndrome Episode Outrage 'Partially Politically Motivated'

Seth MacFarlane tells CNN's Larry King his conscience doesn't bother him for the episode he created taking a shot at Trig Palin.

ABC Gives Credibility to Claim 'Queen of Fake Outrage' Palin 'Overreacting' to 'Irreverent' MacFarlane

Now that actress Andrea Fay Friedman of the Fox series the Family Guy has spoken out publicly against Sarah Palin, ABC has aired a story on the controversy, which ran on Saturday's World News. The ...

MSNBC's Ratigan: Palin A Hypocrite For Criticizing 'Family Guy' But Not Quitting FNC

On Tuesday, MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan suggested Sarah Palin was hypocrite for criticizing a Sunday episode of the Fox show "Family Guy," that tangentially mocked her son with Down Syndrome, but not ...

A Stomach Ache for Our Sponsors

When Microsoft backed out of sole sponsorship of a raunchy live special from the makers of "Family Guy," it showed that sponsors don't want to be held accountable for subsidizing raunchy content. ...

Abortion Episode Goes Too Far, Even for 'Family Guy'

Fox nixes topic for its raunchy, left-wing animated series.

The Emmys Sink to a New Low

Animated television Show Family Guy is nominated for an Emmy Despite Its Egregious Nature

Fox's "Comedic Genius"

Our cosmopolitan elites have embraced the smutty Fox cartoon "Family Guy." Perhaps it was NPR's way of welcoming in an Obama appointee who everyone expects will "lighten up."
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