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Media Celebrate Motherhood on the Runway

Media celebrate even motherhood of the unborn on the runway.
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Debate Over a Dress Color Gets 3X More Network Attention Than ‘Net Neutrality’ Ruling

Morning news shows especially obsess over Twitter’s “great dress debate” rather than explain FCC Internet regulations.
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NYTimes Cheers First Lady's Fashion on Front Page: 'A First Lady Unafraid to Look Like a Million Bucks'

Times fashion reporter Eric Wilson rapturously reviewed the First Lady's inaugural clothes in the news section, not the fashion pages, of the paper. It was warmly introduced with a front-page ...
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NYT Fashion Reporter on Ryan Phenom: GOP Needs Politician-Inspired 'Sex Dreams' (But Not Dems)

New York Times fashion reporter Cathy Horyn: "The man from Janesville, Wis., was hoisted onto the love pedestal, a nerd suddenly out of his loafers and into the sex dreams of Republicans, who ...
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Sexual Stereotyping Now OK at the Times? Claims Women Are Simply Better at Fashion, Managing

Sexual stereotypes are acceptable, as long as they portray women as superior to men? In "The Edge Goes to the Women," Horyn wrote "Could it be that women, despite being outnumbered by male ...
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Hard-News Times Again Hails Michelle Obama, "Stylish, Risk-Taking" Fashion "Trendsetter"

On the front of the Sunday Styles section, fashion writer Bee-Shyuan Chang and the supposedly hard-news Times once again fawns over Michelle Obama the fashion plate, who “has become a powerful ...

Ugh: NYT Celebrates Fashion Sense of March Rioters in London

The Times asks of the March riots in London protesting reductions in government education spending: "What do you wear when protest and mayhem rock your world?"

Michelle Obama, New Jackie O and Sole Savior of the Fashion Industry

Some more of that hard-bitten Times reporting: "Often called the First Lady of Fashion, Mrs. Obama has a sense of style, as we all know by now, that rivals Jackie Kennedy's. She has boosted the ...

NY Times: Michelle Obama 'a Woman Not to be Contended with So Much as Worshiped From Afar'

First Lady lauded even in criticism.

NYT's Fashion Critic Praises Palin's Style - Then Ducks

Cathy Horyn favors Sarah Palin's fashion sense over Michelle Obama's, then braces for liberal brickbats: " seems to me that Sarah Palin, and not Mrs. Obama, is closer to how most of them ...
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