Did They Really Say That in 1997?

Notable Quotables - 03/10/1997

Notable Quotables - 02/24/1997

MediaWatch: February 1997

Newt News Triples Clinton; NewsBites: Rooting for Rubin; Revolving Door: Following Fallows; Two Standards on Nonprofits; Making Excuses for Fundraising; Science Spinners; ABC Refuses to Debate ...

Notable Quotables - 03/11/1996

Notable Quotables - 02/26/1996

MediaWatch: February 1996

A Social Problem Blamed on Reaganomics Fades Away in Clinton-Era Media Coverage; NewsBites: Tricky Dick's Tax Break; CBS Reporter Bernard Goldberg Charges Colleague; Networks Scared of Flat Tax; ...

Notable Quotables - 03/13/1995

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