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Feminist Media Backlash: Abortion Legislation ‘Punishing Women’

Feminist media lament 20-week abortion ban.
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Study: Millennials Still Question Morality of Gay Sex, Abortion

Hardest hit: sex-obsessed left.
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Monica Lewinsky: New Feminist Media Icon?

Feminists who bashed Lewinsky in the 90s now doing 180.
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Feminist Media Champion ‘Armpit Dyeing’

Feminist media hype a new fad.
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Columnist, NARAL Tweet ‘Flag of Reproductive Freedom’

Connie Schultz reinvents the flag in her own image.
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Media Herald ‘Heartwarming,’ ‘Powerful’ Letter from Mom to Baby She Will Abort

Feminist outlets miss contradiction of their own rhetoric.
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War on Women’s New Battleground: ‘Sexist’ School Dress Codes

Feminists decry the horrors of ‘slut-shaming.’
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Selective Outrage? CNN Briefly Mentions Obama Gun Gaffe; Jumps All Over 'Best-Looking' Compliment

Host Jake Tapper was the only CNN reporter or anchor to cover President Obama's blunder that the gun used in the Sandy Hook shooting was an automatic weapon, and not semi-automatic. Meanwhile, ...

Feminist Groups Call Conservative Women 'Nutty' and 'Whores,' Media Ignores

NOW endorses liberal male candidates over conservative females, despite bemoaning lack of women in politics.

The Daily Beast: 'Jersey Shore' 'Aggressive Predator' Girls are 'Progressive'

Blog finds 'Surprise Feminists' in the trash on the 'Shore.'
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