NYT Front-Page Spread Blames Bush for "Mortgage Bonfire"

Two Bush-hostile reporters stack virtually all the blame for the mortgage meltdown on President Bush, despite actions by Congress and the previous Clinton administration.

Former Fed Bank President Warns More Regulation Will Have Consequences

William Poole explains overreaching regulation will drive some financial instruments underground.

Still Shielding Democrats from Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac Flak

Defending a Democratic senator, the Times makes a clear distinction between banks "investing in risky subprime mortgages" and banks helping "middle- and low-income home buyers." But is there ...

Times Writer Caught Making Up Survey Results To Add Sizzle to Story

A stern Editors' Note admits that a Times writer "distorted the survey's findings to fit his theme, contrary to The Times's standards of integrity."

'Evening News' Highlights Community Bank Success

CBS reports Vermont bank using common-sense standards of capitalism avoids financial crisis.

Treasury Secy. Paulson's Request for Power: Like Bush on Iraq?

Do mention the war: "Some are suspicious of Mr. Paulson's characterizations, finding in his warnings and demands for extraordinary powers a parallel with the way the Bush administration gained ...

CNBC: Obama Says Race Might Be Factor to 'Overcome'

Democratic presidential candidate says people will ask 'Can this guy help me' achieve American dream; repeats medias Great Depression theme.

"Free Market Fealty" from GOP? We Wish

Plus: Headline writers try to sizzle Bush and free markets, but the stories themselves hold their liberal fire.

Capitalism: Pronounced Dead According to CNBC Analyst

Former Bloomberg bureau chief Rob Cox blames Republicans for death of free markets.

NY Times Praises Soros as 'Prophet'

Profile downplays far-left philosophies and praises his unreliable predictions of economic turmoil.
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