Leibovich Mines Florida Tea Party for Paranoia While Pitying 'Pariah' Moderate Charlie Crist

The Times' Mark Leibovich finds hecklers, racist anecdotes, and "contempt for the president" at a Florida tea party rally in a profile of the upcoming Florida Senate primary pitting Marco Rubio ...

In Florida, 'Far Right' Is 'Hounding' GOP To Back Conservatives

Reporter Kate Zernike, previously known for ardent defenses of failed presidential candidate John Kerry, finds that moderate Florida Republican Gov. Charlie Crist has become, as a front-page ...

Dear Fla. Times-Union: Buying Local Hurts Locals

Paying higher prices hurts everyone now and down the road.

ABC Frets Over Lewd Lyrics

John Berman talks with kids and parents about the messages in today's popular music.

Not Everything Went the Times' Way on Election Night....

Wishful thinking about Democratic wins in Florida, Kentucky, and Mississippi failed to pan out.

Great Coverage for Comedian's "Great Schlep"

Taboo-breaking comedienne Sarah Silverman (pictured) stars in a pro-Obama get-out-the-vote effort targeted at elderly Florida Jews whuich has been featured in the Times twice within a week.

Dark Days for Fla. Immigrants: "Fears Now Cloud the Most Basic Routines"

Sobbing for illegal immigrants who've deserted a Florida town: "Many of the Hispanic immigrants who came in 2004 to help rebuild after Hurricane Ivan have either fled or gone into hiding. Churches ...

'Centrist" Fla Gov. Charlie Crist Now "Chain-Gang Charlie"

Adam Nagourney felt obliged to make moderate Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, a possible McCain Veep pick, into a hard-line, law-and-order conservative.

Florida Jews' Opposition to Obama a Result of Ignorance, Racism

A Times reporter names individuals who she accuses of making false statements about Obama's heritage and lack of support for Israel.

Joe Lieberman's "Lurch to the Right"?

A strangely hostile John Broder claims Lieberman "could become the first person to lose the vice presidency on both major party tickets."
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