Analyst: BP Oil Spill Clean-Up Will Have $60 Billion Price Tag

Fadel Gheit of Oppenheimer & Co. says exorbitant amount will be spread over 10 years, making it 'manageable.'

Gasparino: 'It is My Job to Turn This Into a Barroom Brawl' with CNBC

Fox Business Network senior correspondent says he always wanted to work for Fox, but says he left CNBC amicably.

Mark Levin: Obama 'Biggest Disaster in Modern American History'

Radio host says U.S. would be out of recession, but president 'smothering the private sector.'

Begala: 'Republicans Want Insurance Companies to Have the Right to Dump Your Ass Just for Getting Sick'

CNN commentator/former Clinton aide vilifies GOP for adhering to constituent wishes and not signing off on ObamaCare.

Fox Biz Host: Obama's Losing Ally Warren Buffett

Billionaire says purpose of president's bank tax to 'punish people.'

'Stossel' Finds 'Crony Capitalism' in Green Jobs Stimulus

Fox Business notes close connection between White House and only window maker that got tax credit.

Former BB&T CEO: Current Policies Will Push U.S. to be a Third-World Country in 25 Years

John Allison warns Fox Business viewers entitlement spending and workforce problems could cause American society could collapse.

Imus: Obama is 'Jimmy Carter Stupid' Regarding Wall Street and Economy

Nationally syndicated radio and Fox Business morning show host blasts administrations economic policy advisers.

Joe Wilson for President? Fox Biz 'Happy Hour' Crew Ponders Congressman's Political Future

By a vote of 2-1, afternoon show hosts say continued admonishment by Dems 'risk' making him a 'viable conservative candidate for 2012.'

Fox Business Host Warns $5-Gallon Gas if Iranian Tension Persists

Eric Bolling of 'Happy Hour' explains Iranian instability might force $200-barrel oil; says Israel the wildcard.
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