Vermont Senator: Health Insurance Firms Should Be 'Afraid' of Government

Sen. Bernie Sanders launches attack on healthcare industry, and admits companies should fear prospect of 'a strong Medicare-type public plan.'

NYT Editor Bill Keller Denies Pro-Obama Bias on ABC

The paper's executive editor insisted, against all evidence, that the president is "getting examined pretty microscopically."

The Times Finally Finds a FOX Journalist It Can Respect - Shepard Smith

Media reporter Bill Carter predictably portrayed Shepard Smith as a lone balanced journalist under siege from hateful, conspiratorial conservatives.

Beck on ObamaCare: A Plan Octomom Would Love

Fox News host claims President's proposed health care wouldn't necessarily help poor, but would help Jon and Kate plus eight.

Obama Blasts Fox News: 'I've Got One Television Station that is Entirely Devoted to Attacking My Administration'

President questioned on CNBC about the 'favorable' media coverage he has received and credits his accessibility to the media.

Times Provides Platform for Left to Blame Bill O'Reilly for Tiller Murder

Bill O'Reilly's "highest profile" hostility toward abortion doctor George Tiller, yet wasn't noticed by the Times until leftist bloggers began blaming him.

Obama Attacks Fox News, Tea Parties at Town Hall Meeting

President criticizes pushback from media and tea party participants for spending policies in the name of entitlement reform.

Rachel Maddow and WSJ Columnist Paint Tea Party Revelers as Secessionists

Thomas Frank laughs at FOX News for 'embracing' tea parties' 'lunatic fringe.'

FNC's Napolitano Claims Bush Administration Committed 'Extortion' Against Banks

Senior judicial analyst details how lenders forced to accept TARP funds under threat of FDIC audit.

Fox News Host Beck Slams Connecticut AG: 'You are an Insult to George Washington'

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal admits bonuses are not against the law, but 'should be.'
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