Times Hypes Misleading 'Food Stamp Challenge,' Left-Wing FRAC

To Eric Lichtblau, the left-wing Food Research Action Council, which pushes the misleading "food stamp challenge" publicity stunt, is merely "a Washington advocacy group working with religious ...

More 'Hunger in America' Exaggerations Relayed By Jason DeParle

Reporter Jason DeParle plumps another exaggerated "hunger in America story" in Wednesday's paper. But he's been dead wrong about such issues before.

Fierce Critic of Welfare Reform Makes Another Front-Page Plug for Food Stamps

But some of his victims aren't quite sympathetic: "[Wanda Debnam] sleeps with her 8-year-old granddaughter under a poster of the Jonas Brothers and uses her food stamps to avoid her ...

'Hunger' in America Makes a Times Headlines, Anyway

An Agriculture Department study showing a rise in "food insecurity" becomes a "soaring" increase in U.S. "hunger" in the hands of excitable Times headline writers.

'Evening News:' Food Stamp Allotments Aren't Enough

CBS emphasizes hardship of food stamp users, complains that government has not increased federal assistance to match food inflation.
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