Dowd Passes Along Dubious Psych Diagnosis: Sarah Palin's "Pervasive Pattern of Grandiosity"

Maureen Dowd passed along an extremely dubious psychological anecdote about Sarah Palin from her former colleague, journalist Todd Purdum, who penned a hit piece on the Alaska governor for Vanity ...

Obama Confuses Black 1970s Sitcoms in NC Speech

In attempt to 'move on up' to the White House, candidate's folksy class warfare speech confuses 'Sanford and Son' with 'The Jeffersons.'

Obama, NYT Agree on Bringing Immigrants "Out of the Shadows"

Shades of bias: Obama and the Times mutter the same liberal lines about the plight of illegal immigrants cowering "in the shadows."

TV Critic Thinks Nazism Just "Extreme Capitalism"

Huh? "As 'Lost' bloggers have noted, the publicist, Karen Decker, shares her surname with a Nazi propagandist, Will Decker. It is one of the show's many pleasures that it revels in such ...

Liptak Laments U.S. Incarceration Rate, Blames Lack of "Safety Net"

Adam Liptak: "Criminologists and legal experts here and abroad point to a tangle of factors to explain America's extraordinary incarceration rate: higher levels of violent crime, harsher ...

Passing Along Anti-Murdoch Zingers from the Wall Street Journal

The Times dreads the prospect of Rupert Murdoch taking over its rival.

Acquitted of Pollution Charges, Newmont Mining Takes on a Times' Reporter

Accusations by reporter Jane Perlez against a mining company in Indonesia made the front page in 2004, while the company's 2007 acquittal was relegated to Page 8. Now the company is suing.

On Death of Jerry Falwell, Times Talks Teletubbies

But the infamous debate over "Tinky Winky," the "gay Teletubby," was started not by Falwell but by gay liberals.

Joe Biden's "Oops!" vs. Dick Armey's "Slur"

The Times gives front-page play to Sen. Joe Biden's latest controversial statement, but gives him the benefit of the doubt that it was a simple mistake ("Oops!")

Stirring Up Anti-Bush Mythology on a Hurricane's Anniversary

"Images of a remote president playing guitar on a military base, then later posing for a picture as he peered out the window of Air Force One as it flew over the devastation helped fuel the ...
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