Floundering Gail Collins Find 'Bright Side,' Lame Excuses for GOP's Mass. Win

Don't blame Obama - all these Democratic losses are just about state issues: "The voters of Massachusetts were definitely angry about taxes, although the ones they seemed most ticked off about ...

Gail Collins Blames 'National Angst,''Bad Mood,' Florida Guppy Shortage for Coakley's Struggles in Mass.

Columnist Gail Collins, in denial: "Did you know that the cold snap in Florida hit the people who breed tropical fish so hard that there is a national guppy shortage? Things are bad, bad, bad. If ...

Gail Collins Wakes Up to Democratic Problems, Lashes Out at Filibusters, Tea Parties

And now, a "Special Rant" from Gail Collins: "Why isn't 90 percent of the country marching on the Capitol with teapots and funny hats, waving signs about the filibuster?" Perhaps because most ...

Gail Collins Again Whistles Past Democratic Graveyard

Gail Collins again tries to laugh off harbingers of doom for Democrats in the 2010 elections.

Seasons Greetings from the Media: The 'Atrocity' of Palin and Lieberman

What do journalists talk about at holiday parties? Obama's great speeches and the atrocity of Sarah Palin and Joe Lieberman, according to columnist David Brooks.

WaPo Feminist Says Palin News Was Sexist, But Palin Children 'Tumbled Down the Stairs'

Writer blamed Palin for the media portrayal of the former governor.

Gail Collins Desperately Throwing VA, NJ Democrats Under the Bus to Aid Obama

Columnist Gail Collins desperately wants to convince people that the big Democratic losses in New Jersey and Virginia last Tuesday don't have the slightest thing to do with Barack Obama or his agenda.

David Brooks: A "Conservative" Columnist Acceptable to the Left

The Times' Gail Collins explains why she hired David Brooks as a columnist.

Two Times Columnists Want Obama in There Early

Gail Collins favors a Bush-Cheney resignation and an interim President Pelosi, while Tom Friedman wants to move Inauguration Day up to Thanksgiving.

Former NYT Editorial Page Editor on GOP: "These People Are Nuts"

Gail Collins makes this astute observation: "Meanwhile, the Republican far right has fallen into a remarkable snit over John McCain's march to the nomination. Rush Limbaugh is virtually gnawing ...
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