Tom Friedman Again Urges Obama Not to Waste Oil Spill 'Disaster,' Hits 'Our Addiction to Oil'

Columnist Friedman back in the saddle of his green hobby-horse: "His most important job, though, is one he has yet to take on: shaping the long-term public reaction to the spill so that we can use ...

Gulf Oil Spill: Obama's 9-11, Says Tom Friedman

Tax-hiking columnist Thomas Friedman took issue with conservatives who claim the massive BP oil spill is Obama's Katrina. According to Friedman, it's actually Obama's 9-11.

CNBC Contributor Proposes Higher Taxes on Cheap Energy

Mesirow Financial chief economist suggests creating artificial demand for expensive alternative fuels if oil prices drop too low.

ElectionWatch: NBC on McCain's Proposed Tax Cuts: It 'Doesn't Add Up'

'Nightly News' finds everything wrong with the presumptive GOP nominee's economic plan and nothing right.

CNN's Wastler Backs $1 Gas Tax Hike

Reporter suggests how to keep government 'In the Money': with $4-a-gallon gas.
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