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Ryan Reynolds: ‘Monsters’ Oppose ‘Humane’ Gay Marriage

Mocks ‘funny’ conservative values on HuffPost Live.
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A Thoughtful Take on RFRA from Hollywood? ‘The Good Wife’ Does it

CBS drama touches hot-button issues once again.
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Biggest U.S. Newspaper Editorials Lambast ‘Bigoted’ RFRA 10 - 1

Newsroom groupthink once again.
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Savaging Prime Time: ABC Orders Comedy Based on Gay Sex Provocateur

Anti-Christian bully to bring his bile to a sitcom.
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Media Join Petition against ‘Fear Mongering’ Duggar Family

A petition battle begins over the Duggar family.
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Media Praise Lesbian Actress for Bashing ‘Creepy Christians, Conservatives’ in Shouting Match with ‘Homophobic’ Preacher in Viral Video

Preaching is ‘awesome’ when it’s slamming Christians and praising gays.
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